Who is Laura Jens Sisino?


Laura May 12 sepia-1-2

Laura loves to live and enjoy life.  Along with the complexities and challenges life sometimes brings, it is the simplicity in the little things that makes her happy.  She is always thrilled when she gets to be creative in doing what she loves:  designing, photography & living life.

Besides spending time designing interiors, Laura loves to keep her eyes wide open to catch and photograph just about anything- from people, to nature, to objects.  She never wants to miss the beauty that is all around us- that is always worth seeing.

Laura’s Words:  The love of doing something you are passionate about, and the ability to then do it gives great pleasure, especially when it makes others both look and feel beautiful…portrait photography at certain times achieves just that emotion .   Over the years, I have expanded my horizons and experimented- with much pleasure!- in photographing some of my amazing friends & family.   These individuals are all truly beautiful souls on the inside and out.  I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to take and show these. I love connecting with people on a personal level and capturing them in such an intimate engaging way that brings out their inner beauty and lets it shine.  Showing them their images and seeing their excitement is such a highlight of portrait photography for me.

As a design professional with an understanding and an eye for detail, I enjoy working with other interior decorators and design professionals in providing an affordable way of photographing spaces they have created.  I capture the essence of their designs so they can showcase the home’s finest features, and share their talents for others to see and enjoy as well as engaging personalities in the world of portrait photography.

Feel free to contact Laura to assist in changing your surroundings, and bringing a creative view to capturing those special moments so they last a lifetime.

Laura Jens Photography is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and we travel and work along the East Coast.  Formerly, Laura lived in Northern Virginia, and she still frequents the D.C. area.

For more information please contact Laura @ 757-689-2600 or by email @  laura@laurajensphotography.com